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Our Vision

High Ridge Harmony Farm, a federally registered 501(c)3, is an Animal Assisted Healing and Wellness Center.  The center is the home of retired and rescued domestic and farm animals that support children, senior citizens, veterans and families overcome challenges and thrive.

The facility has a remarkable educational environment for participants and the programs are founded on well known and respected principals, supported by psychotherapists, counselors and higher education therapy programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the mental and emotional health of individuals and families in and around central MA by providing professional, research-supported Animal Assisted healing and wellness programs to people of all socio-economic backgrounds. We also aim to increase the knowledge and ethical practice of these types of programs through our PATH international membership.

We appreciate that there are many stressors impacting us on a regular basis. These stressors can often overload us. When we are unable to cope with the daily stress, it accumulates, impacting our ability to manage our lives and engage in our community.

Stress can cause issues with our: 

  • Ability to be positive and influences us to focus on the negative

  • Ability to communicate and connect with others

  • Memory

  • Concentration

  • Judgment

  • Thoughts - causing us to be more anxious and  be in a state of constant worry

We work with all our participants to meet them where they are in developing resiliency and improving their coping skills.  Whether it be trauma, grief, Covid or other stress triggers, our programs support the healing and wellness process. We provide people with the environment and tools to cope, to become responsive rather than reactive to the stressors they face.

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